Outpatient Treatment Services

We provide in-person and virtual outpatient treatment for new and expecting mothers experiencing PMADs. This includes an initial evaluation to determine the best course of treatment to help your patients feel better. Our outpatient treatment options include individual therapy, medication management, and trying to conceive consultations.

Which treatment is best for my patient?

The way to determine what treatment option will be most effective for your patient is to complete a patient referral form so they can meet with one of our clinicians for an initial assessment. After this thorough evaluation, our expert clinicians will suggest the best course of treatment for your patient. This could be therapy, medication, a combination of both therapy and medication, the Day Program, or a second opinion for specialized consultation.

90-Minute Intitial Evaluation

The initial evaluation is conducted by a reproductive psychiatrist or clinical therapist. The purpose of the initial evaluation is to gather medical, biological, psychological, and social history, as well as basic information to best inform a treatment plan.

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Outpatient Therapy

Ongoing outpatient therapy takes place, on average, once a week at a time convenient for your patient. Therapy sessions are provided by clinical therapists and run 45 minutes in length.

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Medication Management

Many women/birthing people that suffer from perinatal mood and anxiety disorders require medication to treat their symptoms. We specialize in advising pregnant and new mothers on the risks and benefits of taking medication while trying to conceive, during pregnancy, and while breastfeeding. If medication is a part of your patient’s treatment plan, our reproductive psychiatrists will offer follow-up and management of their prescriptions.

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Trying to Conceive Consultation

If your patient is looking to become pregnant and has questions about their mental health or medication, our reproductive psychiatrists provide consultations to help them choose the best course of treatment in preparation for pregnancy.

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Outpatient FAQs from new and expecting moms

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    "How do I know if I need outpatient treatment?"

    One of our experienced treatment providers will conduct a 90-minute evaluation to determine the best course of treatment to help your patient feel better.
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    "What does medication management entail?"

    After an initial evaluation, medication management sessions are regularly scheduled 30-minute appointments with a reproductive psychiatrist or perinatal psychiatric nurse practitioner to identify which medications are most effective in addressing your patient's PMAD symptoms. These sessions provide ongoing monitoring of the medication(s) to ensure effective treatment.
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    "What is a trying to conceive consultation?"

    A trying-to-conceive consultation is a one-time visit with a reproductive psychiatrist or perinatal psychiatric nurse practitioner to determine what medications are safe and effective to continue taking during pregnancy.
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    "Is outpatient treatment in-network?"

    The Motherhood Center is an out-of-network outpatient provider, which means we are not considered to be in-network with health insurance carriers. However, most insurance plans offer some reimbursement for treatment which we will help you determine. We offer courtesy billing – which means we will submit your claims on your behalf to your insurance carrier for reimbursement. We also offer some sliding scale fees for patients that are experiencing financial hardship.

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