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Baby Blues

Baby Blues 60% and 80% of women/birthing people experience the “baby blues,” or feelings of exhaustion, irritation, and sadness after having given birth.

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Perinatal Anxiety

Perinatal Anxiety Most new pregnant and/or new mothers/birthing people feel as though they have a thousand things to worry about after having a baby. However, if your patient's feelings of anxiety are interfering with their overall functioning, they may be…

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Perinatal Depression

Perinatal Depression Any woman/birthing person who is pregnant or has given birth within the past 12 months can receive this diagnosis if she/they experience some of the following symptoms:

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Perinatal OCD

Perinatal OCD Many mothers experience perinatal OCD without ever having any previous diagnosis of an anxiety disorder. Your patient may be experiencing perinatal OCD if they encounter any of the following symptoms during the pregnancy or postpartum period:

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Perinatal PTSD

Perinatal PTSD Many pregnant/postpartum women and birthing people experience perinatal PTSD as a result of previous trauma, including physical or sexual abuse or due to a traumatic birth. These symptoms can include:  

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Perinatal OCD 2

Symptoms include: Obsessions also called intrusive thoughts, which are persistent, repetitive thoughts or mental images regarding the baby. These thoughts are very upsetting.

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